Local Fish Species

Known primarily for great Walleye and Northern Pike fishing.

Mattagami Lake contains various structures of rock, sand, islands, underwater islands, weed beds, clean and dirty bottoms. These various structures allow for various depths ranging from a few inches to as deep as 200 feet. This also allows for different species of fish to live within the lake.

There are currently 2 highly anticipated annual fishing derbies held on this lake. Talk about these derbies in detail here...

Walleye: The lake contains a large population of walleye. The diverse lake structures creates numerous ways to fish for walleye. The average size is 16".
Northern Pike: The population of the Nothern Pike is really healthy as it has an abundance of food. This has allowed people to catch and release trophies up to 36 lbs.
Small Mouth Bass: The small mouth is not a dominant species in the lake, but there are several locations where they've been caught. 6 lb fish have been seen, so if you want to fish and have fun, go small mouth fishing.
Perch: There are perch of all sizes including Jumbo perch located all over the lake. These fish are great tasting.

Local Game

Moose, bear, small game hunting...

There is a vast hunting area that surrounds Minakwa Lodge which allows for small and large game hunting.

Moose: We have a moose tag package available. The area is full of accessible lakes and marshes which are ideal for moose hunting. Mattagami Lake also has hundreds of inlets that moose frequent.
Black Bear: We also offer guided bear hunting packages. Bears are plentiful in this area. Most of our bear stands are close to the inlets of Mattagmi Lake. The bear stands are baited weeks before the hunt is open.
Small Game: It doesn't take long to find perfect locations for grouse, hare and other small game animals.